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Process Systems, CIP & pipework services | Whitland Engineering
Tel: 01994 240442 Fax: 01994 240937

Process Systems, CIP & pipework services

"Plug & play" skid mounted CIP Sets
A skid mounted 3 tank 2 channel 30,000lt/hr fully automated CIP plant ready for despatch. Operational within 24 hours of delivery to the client.
CIP plants engineered for food & beverage industry applications
Pre delivery commissioning of a Whitland Engineering 4 tank 30,000 litre per hour fully automated CIP plant with full detergent and water recovery.
Refurbishment & installation of pre used process plant
Installation of pre used raw milk storage plant, part of a £1.2m turnkey project for liquid milk & cream processing and retail packing within a brown field site development involving refurbishment and installation of second hand equipment with manual operated routing and control.
PLC controlled CIP & process routing
Whitland Engineering provides turn key solutions in the design, fabrication and installation of fully automated CIP and other process plants inclusive of PLC control with SCADA data capture
Silo routing valve
Double seat valve manifold for raw milk routing

Our Process Engineering capabilities include:

  • Process plant design and installations for various food and beverage products including milk, milk powders, cream, whey, butter, yoghurt, spring water, fruit juices, soft and hard cheese.
  • Manufacture of process tanks and vessels
  • Cleaning-in-place systems
  • Automation and SCADA networking
  • Skid mounted process plant
  • Filtration systems
  • Project Management
  • Supporting Structures
  • Electrical services
  • PLC control systems
  • Food grade hygienic buildings

CIP Systems

Whitland Engineering has many years of experience in the design, construction and operation of automated cleaning systems for plant and equipment in the Dairy, Beverage, General Food and Transport Industries throughout the UK.

Our CIP systems include key features such as:

  • Single tank total loss units to multi tank, multi channel with full water and detergent recovery together with sterilant dosing.
  • Designed to be manually operated or to be fully automated by PLC control with SCADA data capture.
  • Manufactured on site to accommodate restricted locations or at our fabrication workshop and supplied skid mounted or containerised.
  • Bespoke design to meet specific applications including full M&S specification units with self-cleaning tanks and circuits

Pipe work services

Whitland Engineering specialises in the fabrication of  carbon & stainless steel pipework either prefabricated in our workshop or fabricated and installed at the client’s premises.

Fabrications can be manufactured from any type of drawing including general arrangements, 3D layouts or hand drawn sketches. We have full in house capability within our design office to produce detailed fabrication drawings, and piping isometrics using AutoCAD Inventor 2015.

We fabricate and install carbon and stainless steel pipework for many applications including hygienic product routing of milk, cream, butter, powders and water incorporating automated valve manifolds with integrated CIP solutions.

Service applications for our pressure rated pipework include steam, refrigeration, compressed air, waste water and chemicals complete with any surface protection including powder coating and galvanising.