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Construction of additional workshop
The design and construction has been done in accordance with BREEAM, the worlds foremost environmental assessment method for buildings.
New site environmental investment
Part of our new site development was the Installation of a state of the art surface water attenuation and interceptor system


Environmental policy 2019


Waste Carrier Registration

We all have a role to play in reducing our impact on the environment. This means taking care of our local surroundings as well as understanding our effects on the global environment. Whitland Engineering take this responsibility seriously and are constantly seeking ways to reduce our negative environmental impact by working responsibly and considerately – and to work actively to improve our local environment. This is why we strived and achieved certification for BREEAM on our own new workshop development.

Whitland Engineering has recently completed the construction of new fabrication workshops, inventory storage, staff welfare facilities and staff training centre at its premises. The design and construction phase has been done in accordance with BREEAM, the worlds foremost environmental assessment method for buildings. Whitland Engineering has been assessed and has reached very good standard with excellent rating in energy.

In achieving this standard Whitland Engineering has incorporated best practice and innovative technologies to ensure the construction of a sustainable building with minimal carbon footprint. Large percentages of recyclable and locally sourced materials were used.

The most significant impact on the environment from the companies’ activities is fuel usage by the company vehicle fleet whilst employees travel to our client’s site. Whitland Engineering has implemented the following procedures to minimise this impact:

  1. The fleet is maintained to be less than 2 years old ensuring latest CO2 emission control are incorporated in the vehicle design.
  2. All vehicle trips are planned to minimise unnecessary trips and to ensure vehicle occupancy is high.
  3. All vehicles are fitted with trackers so that driving speeds can be monitored and reviewed with drivers. All trips are planned to minimise fuel consumption.

Whitland Engineering has recently commissioned an Opportunities Assessment survey under Carbon Trust by CR Plus Ltd and is in the process of implementing all the recommendations which are designed to reduce energy consumption by the Company.

One of our commitments is to reduce, re-use and recycle waste materials as far as we possibly can, so that we cut the amount of waste our business produces. Because we have our own manufacturing facilities we are in a position to control our systems to strive to achieve this goal.

Often, good environmental sense also makes good business sense. Where possible, we will try to combine deliveries to save money for our customers, at the same time using less fuel and creating fewer emissions from vehicles. We have systems in place at our premises to ensure the most efficient possible use of water and energy. We also help our clients meet their customers’ demands for more energy-efficient products.

There is always room for improvement, and at Whitland Engineering we constantly strive to prevent pollution, continuously monitor our activities and policies.